Eidi Properties

6725 W Central Ave # U
Toledo OH 43617 United States
(419) 724-2222


Eidi Properties Offers High Quality Properties And Facilities To Tenants

September 12, 2015
Eidi Properties is a commercial real estate company that offers high quality properties and facilities to tenants in various markets in Ohio and Michigan. Ramy Eidi, founder of Eidi Properties, is well known in the area for his ability to find the diamond in the rough—the properties with hidden values that can be revealed through revitalization. The company is especially prevalent in Southwestern Ohio, Southeastern Michigan, and Northwestern Ohio.

Eidi Properties maintains a range of expert in-house capabilities so that they are able to provide critical real estate services to their clients. They go above and beyond what is expected to ensure that tenants are pleased with their experience and that they have everything that they need to be successful. The services that are provided are guided by the proactive management style that Ramy Eidi has put in place as the founder of Eidi Properties. It has served the company and its partners very well over the years. Eidi Properties' style has allowed them to almost double their commercial real estate property holdings in just the last few years—unprecedented success in the commercial real estate market.
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